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Álvaro Herrera: Managing another PostgreSQL Commitfest

15. Oktober 2019 - 7:28
I have written about managing a PostgreSQL commitfest before. During the PostgreSQL 13 development cycle, I did it again. This time I used a different strategy, mostly because I felt that there was excessive accumulation of very old patches that had received insufficient attention. So apart from bugfixes (which are always special cases), I focused […]

Federico Campoli: Regenerated

15. Oktober 2019 - 2:00

With PostgreSQL 12 the generated columns are now supported natively. Until the version Postgresql 11 it were possible to have generated columns using a trigger.

In this post we’ll see how to configure a generated column via trigger and natively then we’ll compare the performances of both strategies.

Euler Taveira de Oliveira: Postgres Object ownership

15. Oktober 2019 - 0:26
Sometimes I have to fix some object ownership such as tables and views. Let's figure out if there is such object in your database:

-- list tables, views, foreign tables and sequences not owned by role postgres
c.relname AS relation,
pg_get_userbyid(c.relowner) AS ROLE,
'ALTER TABLE ' || quote_ident(nspname) || '.' || quote_ident(relname) || ' OWNER TO postgres;' AS command
FROM pg_class c
INNER JOIN pg_namespace n ON (c.relnamespace = n.oid)
WHERE nspname !~ '^pg_'

Robert Haas: Braces Are Too Expensive

14. Oktober 2019 - 20:39
PostgreSQL has what's sometimes called a Volcano-style executor, after a system called Volcano, about which Goetz Greafe published several very interesting papers in the early to mid 1990s. PostgreSQL was in its infancy in those days, but many of the concepts in the Volcano papers have made their way into PostgreSQL over the years. It may also be that Volcano took inspiration from PostgreSQL or its predecessors; I'm not entirely sure of the history or who took inspiration from whom.

Álvaro Herrera: PostgreSQL 12: Foreign Keys and Partitioned Tables

14. Oktober 2019 - 9:55
Now that PostgreSQL 12 is out, we consider foreign keys to be fully compatible with partitioned tables. You can have a partitioned table on either side of a foreign key constraint, and everything will work correctly. Why do I point this out? Two reasons: first, when partitioned tables were first introduced in PostgreSQL 10, they […]

Dimitri Fontaine: Compute database size

14. Oktober 2019 - 0:05
Photo by unsplash-logoCharles 🇵🇭 It is well known that database design should be as simple as possible, and follow the normalization process. Except in some cases, sometimes, for scalability purposes. Partitioning might be used to help deal with large amount of data for instance. But what is a large amount of data? Do you need to pay attention to those scalability trade-offs now, or can you wait until later?

Dimitri Fontaine: Table of Content

14. Oktober 2019 - 0:05
Photo by unsplash-logoNicole Honeywill / Sincerely Media Each part of The Art of PostgreSQL can be read on its own, or you can read this book from the first to the last page in the order of the parts and chapters therein. A great deal of thinking have been put in the ordering of the parts, so that reading “The Art of PostgreSQL” in a linear fashion should provide the best experience.

Daniel Vérité: Nondeterministic collations

14. Oktober 2019 - 0:00

Since version 12, PostgreSQL collations are created with a parameter named deterministic, that can be true or false, so that collations are now either deterministic (which they are by default), or nondeterministic.

What does that mean? This term refers to what Unicode calls deterministic comparisons between strings:

Regina Obe: PostGIS 3.0.0rc2

13. Oktober 2019 - 2:00

The PostGIS development team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.0.0rc2. This will be the final RC before release.

This release works with PostgreSQL 9.5-12 and GEOS >= 3.6

Best served with PostgreSQL 12 , GEOS 3.8.0 and pgRouting 3.0.0-alpha.

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Avinash Kumar: How to Set Up Streaming Replication in PostgreSQL 12

11. Oktober 2019 - 16:21

PostgreSQL 12 can be considered revolutionary considering the performance boost we observe with partitioning enhancements, planner improvements, several SQL features, Indexing improvements, etc. You may see some of such features discussed in future blog posts. But, let me start this blog with something interesting. You might have already seen some news that there is no